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VIVIAN WEISSMAN is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of Mind and Money: How To Become A Money Making Machine And Live Happily Wealthy and No More Diets!: How To Overcome Compulsive Eating, Food Addiction And Emotional Eating For Life.

She is also founder of The Life Transformation Academy--the world's first most comprehensive legendary training personal development program guaranteed to virtually direct massive results using her Proven 3-Step-System and potentially create a powerful life changing transformation.

For these works, Vivian is regularly recognized and distinguished as one of the top leading motivating experts in results training. (, StreetPartners on Wall Street, and more)

As a Master Life Coach, Vivian's books, audio programs, live events and appearances inspire millions of people. She travels all over the world focusing on sharing her unique strategies and philosophies on success, leadership, goal achieving and persistence.

Vivian's purpose has always been to inspire and instruct people how to create their life by design and fully access their unlimited potential. After realizing that it was a blessing to be born at 24 weeks and being paralysed from the waist down, Vivian freely and openly shares her life's work based on experience on how to create a meaningful, fulfilled and compelling future.

For over a decade, she has dedicated her life to helping individuals, teams, and organizations find their true calling to live a more happy, health and wealthy lifestyle without compromise.

As one of the most in-demand trainers, Vivian has shared the stage with her mentors and top influencial thought leaders of our time. She is also a keynote speaker to several universities in New York City, education centers and non-profit organizations such as StreetPartners of Wall Street.

See Vivian's famous products and training programs below.

With Joseph McClendon III October 2013
Vivian Weissman and Joseph McClendon III

With Darren Hardy April 2012
Vivian Weissman and Darren Hardy

With Bob Proctor October 2010
Vivian Weissman and Bob Proctor

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Life Transformation Academy

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Life Transformation Academy
Wealth Training for the Leaders and Overachievers

Think about it: Have you ever experienced pain by compromising on what's most important to you? We get in life what we must have and not a dime more. To master our ability to take control of our lives takes more than strategy and new ways of thinking. To live a rich, fulfilled life you need more. Click here to reveal the secret.

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Raw Intuitive
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Wealth Mastery Systems Logo

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Wealth Mastery Systems
The How-To-Blog For a Lucrative Internet Marketing Business

Have you ever wanted to build a lucrative six-figure business online but didn't have the right tools in place to make it work? This blog shows you step by step how to create a successful internet marketing business, build multiple streams of income and impact thousands of people around the world with what you know. Click here to learn more.

Ladies Revolution

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Ladies Revolution
Ladies Revolution | Clothing Line

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Mind And Money

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Mind And Money
How To Become A Money Making Machine And Live Happily Wealthy

"If you've read anything from successful entrepreneurs such as T Harv Eker, Secrets to a Millionaire Mind or anything from Robert Kiyosaki, then this book is for you. Vivian Weissman has done an excellent job. I strongly recommend reading this book."

- Audrey M.

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No More Diets

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No More Diets!
How To Overcome Compulsive Eating, Food Addiction And Emotional Eating For Life

"The power of environment says to be the same because one of our human needs is to have love and connection. Consciously you don't associate food with emotions. Once you replace the emotional addictiveness, and detach from the meaning, your intuition tells you what the body needs. This is what Vivian Weissman is teaching here."

- Kal Malik, Renowned Author & Speaker

"This book saved my life! I now can get up without joint pain. Thank you!"

- Cecilia S.

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Persuasive Power

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Persuasive Power
How To Promote Your Business And Create Repeated Customers For Life

Persuasive Power gives you guaranteed proven strategies of how to persuade those who cannot be persuaded and create loyal and repeated customers for life. No longer do you have to be a salesperson and only have one transactional sale. In this book you will learn how to get repeated sales and customers coming to you instead of you going to them. With these powerful strategies you will find the right people that are ready to buy and will seek you out to do business with you.

These tactics and techniques show you how to create INSTANT rapport with someone that you do not even know and gain immediate trust and connection with another person who you have nothing in common with. These mechanisms will help you market yourself more effectively than ever before and build a powerful brand faster than any other marketing book out there.

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The Life Transformation System

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The Life Transformation System

"As a result of using Vivian Weissman's proven 3-step system, I have become more confident, productive and effective. The techniques that you share are brilliant in their simplicity.""

- Robert Zabel, Actor & Screenplay Writer

"I am so appreciative and grateful for all that you put into our Learn & Live Foundation project to get it up and running! Everything is happening so quickly because of your part in this endeavor. We now reap the benefits and success of what you have taught us. Thank you.""

- Steve Read, Learn & Live Foundation

"One of my passions are sports and journalism. I have been told that I have a natural way of reaching out and connecting with other students. As a result of your proven system, Vivian Weissman has enabled me to clarify my passion and give me the tools I need to pursue them."

- Alina, High School Student

"Vivian Weissman's entire invested life's work is inspiring, motivating and valuable. A philosophy that I believe in!"

- Henry Arends, Entrepreneur,

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